Japanese Koi Ornaments

Japanese Koi FishJapanese Koi Fish

Want to know more about the Japanese Koi? And why EB Ornaments has such an extensive collection of Japanese Koi Ornaments?

The Japanese koi fish is a symbol of Japanese culture. Literally translated “koi” means “carp” in English and in the case of these ornaments, they are “nishikigoi” or “brocaded carp.” EB Ornaments has studied these beautiful fish for years (studied in the sense that we watched them eat mostly) and were inspired to try and recreate several of the different breeds in ornament form.

There are many different kinds of koi, bred to achieve specific patterns, colors, fin shape and health, in particular, we’ve recreated the varieties of the Ogon (which means one solid color) the Kindai Showa (a tri color of white, black and red) and the Kohaku (the first “ornamental” breed of white with red markings, like the Japanese flag) to name a few.

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