Let’s face it, I may not have what you’re looking for! But in the spirit of free enterprise, I’ve collected some links to other vendors that I found cool stuff on or ornaments that are unique in their own way that I could never duplicate. Check it out! The ultimate directory of all things ornaments. They have listing for vendors that make and deal in every kind of ornament imaginable and sorted really well for easy searching.

The Christmas Cottage: This business doesn’t sell online (does take phone orders), but if you’re ever in Lincoln City, Oregon (coastal town), be sure to drop in. I have never seen so many different kinds of ornaments in one place! Truly amazing.

December Diamonds: These are heavy, resin/plaster ornaments that are usually adorned with all sorts of glitter, jewels and come in great designs. The have the most variety with sea animals, marine life, mermaids and the like. You’ll have to find a dealer to buy some, but they are everywhere!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments: A selection of 2000+ personalized Christmas ornaments for any occasion from Ornaments with Check them out for specific theme, professions or hobbies type ornaments.