EB Ornaments: Truly Unique Ornaments

New Ornaments for 2012!

We’re getting ready for the 2012 Christmas season and we’d like to introduce a few new ornaments, as well as some classy new pictures for some favorites. Please take a look and visit our Pinterest board if you’d like to collaborate!

Christmas Tree Ornament filled with Presents

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EB Ornaments Pinterest Board

Into Pinterest? Into Christmas ornaments? Duh. Be sure to check out our Pinterest board of Christmas ornaments!

New Ornament for 2012: Christmas Glitter Present

A 2x2x2 inch glass ornament covered in an ultra fine blend of green-gold-red glitter will sparkle and shine complimented with the matte contrast of a red velvet ribbon and bow. Check out the Christmas Glitter Present here!

3rd Place at Puyallup Fair

EB Ornaments went for it again this year and had their best showing yet. From participant to honorable mention to an honest to goodness place- 3rd. We’ll take it!

The ornament was a very ornate polymer clay gingerbread house with lots and lots of icing. The icing was really a snow writer and there was even (though not pictured) tiny gingerbread man with tiny skis and poles. You know, for getting around in the snowy gingerbread land.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Ornament

That’s right a TRex ornament. The ultimate in unique Christmas ornaments and what every little boy (and girl) will be wanting on their tree this year. This is not just an ordinary plastic or resin TRex made in China with a hook drilled in his back, this is a tyrannosaurus with his very own prehistoric scene, complete with erupting volcano, sand and rock action with a light blue sky. Check him out!
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