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Tyrannosaurus Rex Ornament

That’s right a TRex ornament. The ultimate in unique Christmas ornaments and what every little boy (and girl) will be wanting on their tree this year. This is not just an ordinary plastic or resin TRex made in China with a hook drilled in his back, this is a tyrannosaurus with his very own prehistoric scene, complete with erupting volcano, sand and rock action with a light blue sky. Check him out!
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Unique Christmas Ornament Tutorials

There are so many cool ways to make unique Christmas ornaments out there, I just had to gather up some of my recent favorites. Check out what you can do at home by yourself or with kids, with plenty of time to get them up on the tree!

Kaboose.com has entire library of fun Christmas ornaments you can create at home! Our favorites are the drip ball ornament and the snowy window.
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