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Ribbon Wrapped Heart Ornament

In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, here’s a quick and easy tutorial on a Valentine’s Day ornaments (rather inspired by) that you can make on your own. What really makes this ornament unique and pretty is the materials. Instead of using just any glitter or ribbon, pick something a little more funky in palette and texture. For example, we used ultra fine pearlescent glitter a textured metallic ribbon. Check it out!
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Valentine’s Day Ornament

Create your own unique Valentine’s ornament for your sweetie! Even if it’s just one to adorn a door or window or a dozen to drape on a small tree or chandelier, these super easy ornaments are a great way to make your Valentine’s Day special! Even if you can’t find heart shaped ribbon or an “XOXO” button, there is plenty of inspiration waiting for you at your local craft store.

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